Keep hanging baskets looking fresh, not dead

Imagine you come home to find your hanging baskets flagging and plants in tubs and troughs all of a flop.

It’s easily done when containers are full to bursting point with lush summer annuals and you weren’t there to water them just when they needed it.

When compost turns bone-dry it shrinks, stripping away a lot of tiny root hairs. these are the ones that take up water so affected plants need intensive care while they recover. Even once the plants have been efficiently re-hydrated growth and flowering will be restricted while they replace these lost roots and regain their efficiency.

With a bit of attentions and regular watering after two or three weeks an affected basket might look nearly as good as new but sadly some baskets are beyond saving. they are usually those that have been left while you’ve been on holiday. One or two weeks away during a hot spell can be enough to reduce your hanging baskets to dry sticks.

But help is at hand with a range of innovative water swell products from Maxswell water swell technology. We call them Swelliners because of the way they swell on contact with water, to almost three times their original size. These non-toxic polymer membranes can absorb up to 14 times their own weight in water and release it slowly into the soil and plant roots over 7 to 14 days. Unlike standard water swell granules they trap water rather than letting it all just run through your hanging basket but don’t allow the plants to become water logged.

So they act like a kind of water reservoir for your hanging basket. Absorbing water during times of excess so that your plants don’t become waterlogged, and slowly releasing it during dry periods so that your baskets never dry out.

In our trials we have reduced water usage by up to 70% and for fully hydrated liners we have seen no deterioration of plants left for up to 14 days without watering.

The membranes are supplied as 90mm discs which need to be pre-soaked in the Zip-loc bag provided, when swollen it will fit your hanging basket perfectly. Add the compost/soil and you can plant as normal and then just leave your plants to grow, but regular watering is still advised, although you will find you may need less than usual as the Swelliner maximises available water.

Then next time you go away for a few days you can leave without worrying about your hanging baskets or tubs. Just let our Swelliner get to work and keep your plants in perfect condition while you are away.

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