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Maxswell water-swell technology

Maxswell develop products for a changing world – with our technology having potential in medical, horticultural and water-control applications.

At the heart of our products is a unique new material. Developed with input from UK Universities and leading research organisations, it has amazing water-swell properties that can be tailored to suit different applications.

Our gardening products act as water reservoirs. Storing water during periods of excess, such as rainfall, then slowly releasing the water during dryer periods. Developed initially for hanging baskets where drying out is a recognised problem the concept is applicable to other planting containers so sign up for our updates to hear about our latest innovations.

Our flood defence products start to swell immediately on contact with water. Installed dry they are soft enough to conform to large irregularities in door openings. As flood waters rise and come into contact with the seal it swells and increases the sealing force and area conforming to the tiniest imperfections. As the flood waters fall the seal returns back to its original shape.

Please get in-touch if you’d like to know more or want to discuss how you may be able to use Maxswell water swell technology.

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